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etude oneetude twoetude threeetude fouretude fiveetude six

etude sevenetude eightetude nineetude ten (build your own temple) etude eleven




when the muse arrives

turn it upbury your headlove is the wordwish you could see

thanks for the fish • i knew everythingclasp

prairie path (lay of the land)

prairie pathmacoupin prairie fire unreal the buffalo

calumetmanitou trail of tears

prairie path complete


the unspeakable beautyplay at pastehappinessmy heart is all my own

fidelityall the wisdom you possessthoughts and actionstemperance

the constant is change • vigora coming stormhappiness reprise

ozoneplay at paste reprisethe unspeakable beauty reprise

happiness complete

the collector



the collector complete

the collector two

alphaemergencesteamthe collector twoemanateplay at paste

ruletranspireshut upfire or icetoo many have too little

preserve disorderbetideall men equalcatch upa pestilence on the other no wmd here

judgment days

judgment day

making god laugh

when worlds collide

musical ephemera

we invested welltoo many have too littlemystery dinner

steal from the poora little less lovelover's of the world unite!

knock, breatheheaven is a dangerous placebob's red pants

who is she this time? • the land of love holding las vegas

artist of lifeditto (eye of the needle)reason

get off of the floorlove under the republicans (from Ogden Nash poem)

she wanted it all • treasonbaby you're neuroticarm in arm

born againdumb guy • kill them (with kindness)roderick

blue capholdingintroduction to karmalet goplease us

she wanted it allmother of inventionhappiness