the music on this website was created by djf utilizing apple macintosh computers and a variety of electronic synthesizers. the bulk of the music was created with apple’s Logic Pro software, as well as mark of the unicorn's digital performer software, and apple's garageband software. some of the music was created to support homilies i have presented and are linked to those essays. digital samples of speech and audio are incorporated into some of the compositions from such diverse sources as: malcolm x, huey long, albert einstein, richard dawkins, christopher hitchens, william jennings bryan, alan watts, and others. my musical partners and i play live electronic music at art galleries and other enlightened venues.

this music is made loud to be played loud.

mark twain's remarks after attending an opera:

"i haven't heard that sort of racket since the orphanage burned down."

a consideration when listening to the music on this site.

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